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From lawn mowing to snow removal services, we do it all in Davenport, IA and the Quad Cities

When Jack Frost comes to the Quad Cities, don't stress about clearing the snow and ice from your property. Turn to an expert at McKay Machinery to do the job for you. Our lawn care contractor in Davenport, IA has the necessary equipment and expertise to provide thorough and efficient snow removal services.

As soon as the first snowfall happens in your area, call 563-323-0020 to schedule snow removal services.

Discover 3 reasons to hire our lawn mowing experts

Wondering why you should schedule lawn mowing services instead of doing the job yourself? By hiring our lawn care expert, you can:

  1. Get rid of the bulky lawn mower that's taking up space in your garage or shed
  2. Spend your weekends relaxing or pursuing your passions instead of mowing
  3. Make sure your lawn always looks beautiful so you don't get hit with HOA fees
Keeping your grass short will also reduce the risk of pests invading your yard.

Start taking advantage of our lawn mowing services today. Make your first appointment with our lawn care professional.

Keep up with regular lawn care thanks to us

You don't have to devote your weekend to pushing a heavy lawnmower around. We can take care of lawn mowing services and plenty of other tasks for you. Our lawn care expertise covers a wide range of services, from snow removal services to weed pulling. We know just how to keep your yard in great shape.

Our routine lawn maintenance services make it easy for you to:

  • Avoid fines from your HOA
  • Stop pests from taking over
  • Keep your yard looking clean and beautiful
Contact us today to request our lawn mowing services in Davenport, IA.

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