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Why should you choose us over other lawn care, auto repair and snow removal companies in the area? For starters, we've been in the area for over two decades. During that time, we've earned a reputation for working hard and getting jobs done correctly the first time.

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Efficient Snow Removal Services in Davenport and the Quad Cities

When winter blankets the picturesque landscapes of Davenport and the Quad Cities in a layer of snow, it's a sight to behold. However, the charm of winter wonderlands often comes with the challenge of snow removal. That's where our professional snow removal services step in, ensuring that your property remains accessible, safe, and functional even in the harshest winter conditions.

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Whether you're looking for a snow removal company or a local mechanic, you've come to the right place. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to do:

  • Automotive sales and repair jobs
  • Lawn care and snow removal tasks
  • Seasonal lawn maintenance
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Choose a service provider you know you can depend on. At McKay Machinery in Davenport, IA, we're dedicated to providing honest and reliable services to our community. We strive to serve our customers in every way we can. Hire us if you need...

Someone to plow the snow in your yard - we're the snow removal company you can trust to do the job right

Someone to equip your car with new tires - we offer a wide range of automotive sales and repair services

Someone to help you purchase a used vehicle - we have a great selection of automobiles on our lot

Someone to keep your lawn beautiful and clean - we offer lawn mowing and yard maintenance services

Your trust in us is important, so we won't ever try to sell you on a service you don't need. You won't regret selecting us to handle the job.

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